Our natural products are of the highest quality. Everything is frozen at sea immediately after catching which guarantees that the product keeps all its nutritional values, without any added ingredients. Furthermore, in our technologically advanced factory we can customize portion and packing to meet the different needs of our clients.


For the past 50 years we have had innovation in our business as a guiding light. As experts in tuna, we constantly seek to improve and discover new products to satisfy consumers´ needs for healthy and delicious easy-to-cook meals. We guarantee the highest level of quality and we invite you to discover the results of our hard work.

SEafood delight

Our selection of ready is specifically developed for those seeking healthier options designed by award-winning Spanish chefs to deliver Mediterranean taste with easy-to-maker method.

and responsabibility

We are directrly involved in the invetigation of fishery stocks, their management and sustainability practises. We strictrly follow the tenets and recommendations of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and of the RFMOs.